Michael’s Fabricare
3209 New Jersey Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 08260
Phone: 609-522-4499  –  www.michaelsfabricare.com

Home/Office Pick-up and Delivery Prices
Please feel to call president/owner Michael Cummiskey at (609) 780•0331. He will personally handle all of your questions or concerns.

  • A laundry bag will be attached to your returning order.
  • Condominium residents are for group discount.

Listed below are our prices for most common items.

Item and Price
Men’s Shirts Laundered $4.40
Men’s· Shirts, Lady’s Blouses Dry Cleaned$8.75
Suits 2 Piece $18.25
Suits 3 Piece $25.30
2 Piece Tuxedo $22.30
Pants and Slacks $8.75
Jackets/Blazers $9.50
Golf Shirt$7.25
Vests/Ties $6.40
Shorts $8.75
Dress $15.75
Skirts $8.75
Blouses $8.75
Coats/Raincoats $19.50 and up
Top Coat/Outer Jacket $16.25 and up
Lab Coats $6.25
Additional Charges
Fancies and Charges $4.00-$12.00
White Colors Half Length $1.00 / Full Length $2.00
Excessive Animal Hair/Soiling$3.00 to $12.00 
Extra Heavy, Flare, Long$2.00 to $6.00 
Evening Dresses $16.00 to $34.95
Very Fancy Evening Dress$35.00 and up 
Silk, Linens, Rayon Half Length $1.00 / Full Length $2.00
Down Coat$25.00 -$55.00
Coats (Water Repellent)$12.00
Down Comforters$42.00 and up
Blankets $15.00 and up
Bed Sheets $39.00 and up (per set)
Duvets$30.00 and up 
Pillow Cases$6.20
Shams$7.20 and up
Bed Skirts $19.50 and up 
Drapes $4.95 per pleat and up
Sheers $2.95 – $4.95 and up 
Table Cloths$20.50 and up
Leather and Suede Cleaning$42.00  and up
Fur Cleaning (Storage availale for safe keeping)Call for Price