About Michael's Fabricare

Michael’s Fabricare was founded to give people the highest quality of dry cleaning service without having to physically go to a store.
In 1994 Michael’s Fabricare expanded to the present location giving non-delivery customers access to the Michael’s Fabicare experience.
Michael’s Fabricare is a leader in the Cape May County dry cleaning industry, always having vision to give current services and value to its customers.

Our Mission Statement

Michael’s Fabricare guarantees every order will be complete, ready to wear and with the quality you expect on the day and time you were promised.

A Little History

Michael Cummiskey, owner of Michael’s Fabricare was working three jobs in 1987: as a bobtailor for Ron Oswald with two routes picking up and delivering for Oswald Cleaners, working the door at a local nightclub, and at 10th Street Gym, The Exercise Room.
When he did his route in a tank top and shorts, Ron criticized his appearance, explaining that he was trying to run a professional business and that he wanted his drivers to look presentable.
Michael took the criticism and advice in stride and continued working until one day he came to work dressed up for his other job at the nightclub, dressed in a full tuxedo. As a joke, or just an impulsive stunt, he went out and picked up the clothes on his route. Getting compliments and smiles all along his way, he felt he had found his gimmick.
Back then there was a pizza company (Zorro’s) and the delivery guy arrived at your door in a mask and black cape. Michael was inspired by the same notion – what better way to present a dry cleaning business other than a well-dressed, formal delivery boy. The stunt was a hit and his popularity grew.
Over the course of the next year, the business was growing bigger and bigger. He bought a route from Ed Gideon, a longtime Oswald bobtailor, and at this point he confronted Ron Oswald and discussed buying his own equipment. It was the next logical, progressive step, because the production was outgrowing the cramped facilities on 10th Street.
They struck a deal and Michael has never looked back. His father, Joe, Sr. kept the equipment running, and his brother Joseph ran the shop while Michael was out doing deliveries and pick ups. Their assistance, along with other valued employees, was priceless in those early years.