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Please feel free to call president/owner Michael Cummiskey at (609) 780-0331. He will personally handle all of your questions or concerns.

  • A laundry bag will be attached to your returning order.
  • Condominium residents are for group discount.

Listed below are our prices for most common items.

If you do not see your item listed below, please call us or bring in your garment so we can give you a price quote.

Additional Services: Shoe Repair, UGG Cleaning & Oriental Rug Cleaning.

Item and Price

Item Price
Men's Shirts Laundered $2.90
Men's Shirts, Lady's Blouses Dry Cleaned $6.25
Suits 2 Piece $13.00
Suites 3 Piece $15.00
2 Piece Tuxedo $16.00
Pants and Slacks $6.25
Jackets/Blazers $7.00
Golf Shirt $4.95
Vests/Ties $4.00
Shorts $6.25
Dress $13.00
Skirts $6.25
Sweaters $6.25
Blouses $6.25
Coats/Raincoats $15.00
Top Coat/Outer Jacket $12.95
Lab Coats $4.85

Additional Charges

Item Price
Fancies and Charges$4.00 - $12.00
White Colors Half Length $1.00 / Full Length $2.00
Excessive Animal Hair/Soiling $3.00 to $12.00
Extra Heavy, Flare, Long $2.00 to $6.00
Evening Dresses $12.95 to $34.95
Very Fancy Evening Dress $35.00 and up
Silk, Linens, Rayon Half Length $1.00 / Full Length $2.00
Down Coat $25.00 - $55.00
Coats (Water Repellent) $12.00
Down Comforters $45.00 and up
Blankets $24.00 - $55.00
Bed Sheets $16.00 and up (per set)
Duvets $22.00 and up
Pillow Cases $4.00
Shams $6.00 and up
Bed Skirts $22.00 and up
Drapes $4.95 per pleat and up
Sheers $2.95-$4.95 and up
Table Cloths $12.00 - $18.00
Leather and Suede Cleaning $38.00 - $48.00
Fur Cleaning (Storage available for safe keeping) Call for Price

On you first order, Please tell us all of your preferences. Such preferences include level of starch and whether you would like your shirts on a hanger or folded and boxed. Once you tell us these preferences, all of your future orders will be handled accordingly.

Please print this page and fill out your your first order along with your credit card information. Insert this form in the laundry bag in a sealed envelope. After the first order, we can itemize your orders for you. Unless this list is filled out, you must accept our count.

Liability is limited to 10X the cleaning price. Lost or damaged items are very rare. However, in such situations, we will do whatever is necessary to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. Thank you!




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