Paul Gerard

Description of Garment:

 Green Faux Suede Skirt

Manufacturer: Paul Gerard

RN#: Not available

Care Label Instructions: Dryclean Only

Problem: This skirt contains a flock faux suede design. When drycleaned in perchloroethylene, the adhesive used in the flocking dissolved, causing the random loss of the pile.

Responsibility: The manufacturer. The manufacturer used an adhesive that was soluble in perchlorethylene. This caused the flock design to separate from the fabric when this skirt was drycleaned according to the care label instructions.

Recommendation: If this skirt fails when drycleaned in accordance with the care label
instructions, it should be returned to the place of purchase for a refund or exchange.

Drycleaner: Explain the potential serviceability issues to the customer. Since this skirt may prove to be unserviceable when processed by the care label instructions, a signed release of liability should be obtained prior to acceptance. We have no data as to the serviceability of this garment in alternate solvents.

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