Giorgio Armani Jacket

Description of Garment:

 Navy Blue Jacket w/ Silk Organza Trimming

Manufacturer: Giorgio Armani

RN#: Not available

Care Label Instructions: "Professionally Dry Clean Only"

Problem: When this jacket was drycleaned in hydrocarbon solvent, a loss of color took place in the silk organza trimming. This condition is known as "dye crocking".

Responsibility: The manufacturer's. The dyestuffs "crocked" (broke away from the fabric) due to the incomplete penetration of the fibers. The fading was more pronounced in the areas of the garment that received abrasion during wear, such as the collar, button holes and seamed areas.

Recommendation: If this garment fails when drycleaned as instructed by the care label, it should be returned to the place of purchase for a refund or exchange.

Drycleaner: Since there may be a potential serviceability issue concerning this jacket, we suggest that a signed release of liability be obtained prior to its acceptance for processing. Since this condition is not related to any solvent type, it is our opinion that this fabric will crock in any type of drycleaning solvent.

The NCA's Garment Analysis Laboratory examines thousands of garments every year for serviceability and FTC care labeling accuracy. The featured garment is a recurring item received for evaluation. We have included the name or trade name of the fabric, the manufacturer, the RN number, if available, and a brief description of the problem.  

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