Cache Blouse w/Beaded Trim

Description of Garment:

 Black Beaded Blouse

Manufacturer: Cach'e

RN#: 74578

Care Label Instructions: Dryclean Only

Problem: This blouse contains several different types of beading. Some of the beaded trimming dissolved when drycleaned in perchloroethylene.

Responsibility: The manufacturer's. This blouse failed when drycleaned according to the care label instructions. This was due to the solubility (in perchloroethylene) of the affected trimming.

Recommendation: If this blouse fails when drycleaned according to the care label instructions, it should be returned to the place of purchase for a refund or exchange.

Drycleaner: Explain the potential serviceability issues to the customer. A signed release of liability should be obtained prior to acceptance. We have no data as to the serviceability of this garment in alternative solvents.

The NCA's Garment Analysis Laboratory examines thousands of garments every year for serviceability and FTC care labeling accuracy. The featured garment is a recurring item received for evaluation. We have included the name or trade name of the fabric, the manufacturer, the RN number, if available, and a brief description of the problem.

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