Via Spiga Down Coat

Description of Garment:

 Beige Down Coat w/ Faux Leather Trimming

Manufacturer: Via Spiga

RN#: 38843

Care Label Instructions: "Dryclean Only"

Problem: The imitation leather trim contains a vinyl resin. When drycleaned in perchloroethylene, the plasticizing agents in the vinyl resin dissolved, causing the faux leather fabric to become stiff and brittle.

Responsibility: The manufacturer's. This coat proved to be unserviceable when drycleaned in accordance with the care label instructions.

Recommendation: If this garment fails when drycleaned as instructed by the care label, it should be returned to the place of purchase for a refund or exchange.

Drycleaner: Since there may be an issue with the serviceability of this coat, the customer must be advised of the potential problem, and a signed release of liability should be obtained prior to processing. While we have no data concerning the serviceability of this coat in alternative solvents, fabrics that contain vinyl can usually be successfully processed in them.

The NCA's Garment Analysis Laboratory examines thousands of garments every year for serviceability and FTC care labeling accuracy. The featured garment is a recurring item received for evaluation and, in testing, has failed to meet minimum industry standards. We have included the name or trade name of the fabric, the manufacturer, the RN number, if available, and a brief description of the problem.

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