Giorgio Armani Classico Jacket

Description of Garment:

 Olive Jacket

Manufacturer: Giorgio Armani Classico

RN#: Not Available

Care Label Instructions: "Professional Dryclean Only"

Problem: The fabric consists of a polyester face fabric that is foam bonded to a tricot backing, using polyurethane as the bonding agent. When drycleaned in perchloroethylene, the polyurethane foam dissolved and migrated onto the surface of the fabric, causing discolorations that cannot be corrected.

Responsibility: The manufacturer's. This coat failed when drycleaned according to the care label instructions. This was due to the solubility of the polyurethane foam in standard drycleaning solvent (perchloroethylene).

Recommendation: If this jacket fails when drycleaned in accordance with it's care label instructions, it should be returned to the place of purchase for a refund or exchange

Drycleaner: Advise the customer of the potential serviceability issue concerning this garment. We recommend that a signed release of liability be obtained prior to accepting this coat for processing. Although we have no data concerning the serviceability of this garment in alternate solvents, polyurethane laminates may dissolve in hydrocarbon solvents if improperly cured. Furthermore, the polyurethane foam may be affected by the higher reclamation temperatures required by hydrocarbon and silicone-based solvents.

The NCA's Garment Analysis Laboratory examines thousands of garments every year for serviceability and FTC care labeling accuracy. The featured garment is a recurring item received for evaluation and, in testing, has failed to meet minimum industry standards. We have included the name or trade name of the fabric, the manufacturer, the RN number, if available, and a brief description of the problem.

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