Evan Piccone Suit

Description of Garment:

 Red Suit

Manufacturer: Evan-Picone

RN#: 54050

Care Label Instructions: "Dryclean Only"

Problem: This fabric contains polyester, rayon and spandex. When this suit was drycleaned, both shrinkage and fading (caused by dye bleeding) took place.

Responsibility: The drycleaner's. In this case, both shrinkage and a loss of color occurred due to more than one of the following conditions:

1. Excessive (unbound) moisture in the solvent
2. Excessive solvent temperatures
3. Excessive reclamation temperatures
4. Excessive cycle time
5. Improper load classification

1. a. Use the proper amount of detergent (whether in a charged or batch injection system)
to help bind moisture.
b. Avoid the over-use of wetside spotting agents and spray spotters in loads that contain
water-sensitive fabrics.
c. Check for machinery-related problems such as a malfunctioning separator or leaking
steam or water coils (solvent cooler and still condensing coil).
2. The solvent temperature should be maintained at 80° F.
3. When reclaiming heat-sensitive fibers such as spandex, reclaim at the minimum
reclamation temperatures for your solvent type.
4. When drycleaning fabrics that contain spandex, excessive mechanical action can result in
shrinkage. Use the fragile program (reduced drum rotation and cycle time) if your machine
has this feature.
5. Clean this type of fabric with similar fabric types (fabrics that are water and heat sensitive
and fabrics that will be damaged by excessive mechanical action).

The NCA's Garment Analysis Laboratory examines thousands of garments every year for serviceability and FTC care labeling accuracy. The featured garment was received for evaluation and, in testing, it was determined that the responsibility lies with the drycleaner NOT the garment manufacturer.  

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