Inventory and Security Tags

Garments Containing Inventory Control and Security Tags and Labels

Manufacturers: Banana Republic, Gap, DKNY, Ann Taylor-Loft, J.Crew, Talbots, Jones New York, Ellen Tracy, among others.

Care Label Instructions: Varied

Problem: These garments contain "sewn in" inventory control and security tags (see photo) that are meant to be removed prior to consumer use. These tags contain a black resinous substance. When these garments are processed in accordance with their respective care label instructions, the resin may dissolve and transfer onto the garment or other garments in the load. The discolorations caused by these tags are often difficult and in some cases impossible to remove.

Recommendation: We are currently tracking these garments and are contacting the garment manufacturers to advise them of this problem. If your plant has processed a garment that has been damaged by this type of tag, please contact Alan Spielvogel at the NCA.

Drycleaner: Since these tags are sometimes attached to an inconspicuous area of the garment, the consumer might not realize that the tag exists and therefore does not remove it.. Because these tags are often affixed to an inside seam or hidden under another label, the garment must be turned "inside out" during inspection.


Since this alert was first sent out in November 2006 the use of these inventory control tags has become more widespread. We urge you to make sure your pre-inspection personnel are aware to the dangers these tags present.

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