Learn More About Michael’s Fabricare

Learn More About Michael’s Fabricare

Founded in 1994, Michael’s Fabricare is a leader in quality dry cleaning services, covering the Cape May County area. Founded with the intention of facilitating the highest quality in dry cleaning delivery, Michael’s Fabricare has a focus on customer satisfaction and works tirelessly to bring value to both return and new customers.


From tailoring suits to wedding gown alterations, Michael’s Fabricare is a chosen dry cleaning service for individuals in all walks of life, offering a diverse array of services and affordable pricing. But most notably, our efficient delivery service makes it so that our customers never have to leave home!


Michael’s Fabricare and the unique services they have to offer are unlike any other cleaner in the New Jersey area. To really understand just how much energy goes into each and every item a customer has picked up, dry cleaned, and delivered, an exploration into the history behind the founder is necessary.


History of Michael Cummiskey

A dry cleaning business as dedicated and revolutionary as Michael’s Fabricare does not exist without a fearless leader at the helm. With passion to serve and tenacious work ethic, Michael Cummiskey was born to found Michael’s Fabricare.


In 1987, Michael worked three jobs simultaneously, including a gym, a nightclub, and for a cleaners. While delivering clothes for Oswald Cleaners, Michael had the tendency to wear less-than-casual clothing, much to the dismay of his boss. That is until one day, when he mistakenly arrived in his suit for his nightclub job.


This happy accident proved to be a hit with Oswald Cleaners’s customers; business began to grow and Cumminskey quickly discovered the value in being presentable to customers utilizing a cleaning service. Eventually, Michael bought his own equipment and with the help of his father and brother, was able to expand his own operation that is known today!


Unique Services

While dry cleaning services generally focus on dress clothes and wedding gowns, Michael’s Fabricare goes well beyond clothing and into other difficult-to-clean household items. Flat work is among the many services offered, and exceptional attention to detail is paid to linens before and while they are cleaned.


With dress clothes comes dress shoes, and occasionally, those items sustain aesthetic wear and tear while in use. Michael’s Fabricare has in-house cobblers that specialize in repairing both men’s and women’s dress shoes, restoring them to a new condition.


Area rugs, especially oriental rugs, have grown in popularity. These decorative statement pieces in your living space are delicate; therefore, Michael’s Fabricare works with an affiliate to ensure your oriental rug is handled with care!


Contact Us Today for Pick-Up and Delivery!

When you contact Michael’s Fabricare for dry cleaning service, our pick-up and delivery system has a northern and southern route in New Jersey designed to cover as much area efficiently as possible.

Be sure to contact Michael’s Fabricare today for all of your dry cleaning needs, and rest easy knowing that you will be entered into the pick-up and delivery route that suits your location best.

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