How to Preserve Your Wedding Dress: Protect Your Dress From Damage

How to Preserve Your Wedding Dress: Protect Your Dress From Damage

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days you’ll ever have and besides flipping through your wedding album your beautiful wedding dress is a tangible memory you’ll want to last for a lifetime. Whether you plan to pass it down one day or just preserve it, your wedding dress is one-of-a-kind and delicate so keeping it clean and pressed is important.


Protecting your dress

It’s important to consider how you’ll store your wedding dress for the future, if at all. If your dress is to be dry cleaned, consider storing it in a garment bag and inside a box or some sort of storage container. If you are storing your dress at home you should have a basic hygienic storage system and remember you don’t want to cover up any faults that may have occurred to the dress before you put it in storage. If you plan to display your wedding dress, take it out of storage for a few days and air out the dress to ensure that any bugs have been killed off by the open air, especially if you haven’t taken it out for a long period of time. Your dress should be on display once a week to prevent unwanted insects such as aphids and mites from breeding.


Storing your dress

While you want your dress to stay pristine and untouched for as long as possible, keeping it in a box away from other people’s fingers is the best way to keep it as fresh as possible. Place the dress in a room where it can stay undisturbed. A dry, room temperature environment is best, as this will protect your delicate garment and the silk lining that has been sewn to the delicate lace trim. When not in use, take the dress out and hang it on a hanger in a dimly lit area so that the clean silk fibers that compose your dress can breathe. Hang up dress pieces that need cleaning, such as the ruffle or other small pieces, to prevent them from getting soiled with dust or dirt. How to Clean Wedding Dress Step 1: Remove your wedding dress from your wedding dress bag.


At Michael’s Fabricare, we understand the importance of preservation and restoration better than most and we can protect and preserve your wedding gown.Your wedding dress is one of the most special pieces of clothing a bride can own and the last thing you want is for it to get damaged before you take off your dress! It’s especially important to keep your dress clean and pressed before you use it. It is also worth considering having it cleaned by a professional or going to the dry cleaners ahead of time to make sure your dress is clean and pressed. Michael’s Fabricare guarantees every order will be complete, ready to wear and with the quality you expect on the day and time you were promised. Visit us online today! 

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